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Truecraft Team Member

-Handyman Field Pro


Truecraft is a customer service company at heart. We care as much about how our customer feels throughout the process of working with us as we do the work itself. From the second we pull up (on time!) to the follow up emails and review requests the customers receive when we are gone, everything should be un-ingnorably excellent. What are our markers of excellence?

  • Prompt - Always on time - If we say we'll be there, we will unless you hear otherwise!

  • Communication - Throughout the process we let our customers know what to expect.

  • Friendly - We make our customers comfortable with smiles.

  • Clean - We will NEVER leave a mess! A handheld vacuum is one of our most used tools!

If providing customers with superior service through the above markers doesn't excite you or sound like characteristics you embody, WE'RE NOT RIGHT FOR EACH OTHER! We'll both find out eventually and we may as well save some time.



To serve the goal of Truecraft Services, LLC and it's owners by exceeding customer expectations and generating profit through superior home repair and home maintenance services. 

Scope of Duties

  • Review Assigned Schedule and ensure truck has needed tools/supplies to complete jobs as scheduled - 5%

  • Safely drive to and from scheduled jobs and retrieving needed supplies/materials for those jobs - 10%

  • Complete scheduled jobs in the home of customers/tenants - 60%

  • Invoice jobs from price list and collect payments from customers at job completions - 10%

  • Make sales and suggest add on services - 10%

  • Perform additional tasks as assigned (office tasks, trainings, vehicle maintenance, errands, etc.) - 5%

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

  • More important than any that follow is a strong desire to master everything that follows!

  • Must possess strong aptitude for how things work, how to troubleshoot and fix problems

  • Must possess basic knowledge of home systems (electrical, plumbing, construction, building envelope, etc...) 

  • Must possess strong interpersonal skills.

  • Must be able to teach a customer the why and how of a job if they ask.

  • Must be able to sell additional services.

  • Must possess intermediate knowledge and competence with power tools.

  • Must maintain physical fitness to complete strenuous work and lift heavy objects.

  • Attention to detail.

  • Team player.

  • Drive to see the team succeed.

Working Conditions

  • Must be able to drive +- 50 miles to and from jobs.

  • Must be able to stand, kneel, sit, squat, and lay for long periods as the job demands.

  • Work includes interior and exterior work and may include hot days outside.

  • Loud noises should be expected and safety gear will be provided and required.

Pay Scale

Training - $15-16/hr. (est. 2-3 weeks)

90 day probation  - $18/hr
Full time - $20-??/hr base pay

     Plus incentive pay/profit share/bonus (non-capped) 

     Retirement contribution matching

     Company vehicle

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